Build a comprehensive security program

Employees are the best line of defense in protecting an organization from cyber threats. Trainings must be comprehensive, memorable and adaptable to a constantly changing environment and limited time.

Easy to explain

Short, simple videos that make it easy to understand and remember the basic security rules


The mobile interface allows users to access wherever they are.

Next to the results

Keep track of progress with advanced compliance reports.

Topics we covered

In our training, we cover two major topics. General Information Security and State Information Security:

  • Common threats
  • Mobile Security
  • Passwords
  • Phishing
  • The solicitor program

Contemporary content

High involvement of employees is important. That is why we have created a UX-friendly design that is easy to understand video, interactive tests and friendly alerts to keep the user actively interested, while the manager can focus his time on other tasks.

Advanced reports

Important indicators are presented in an easy to understand way. Quickly learn how staff and departments are progressing in their learning process.